Friday, March 9, 2012

Review of The Goddess Test

Product Description from Goodreads:

In a modern-day take on the myth of Persephone, 18-year-old Kate Winters is thrust into a mythical world, where she must pass seven impossible tests and outsmart a spiteful god in order to save the life of not just her mother but of her captor as well.
Paperback, 293 pages
Published April 19th 2011 by Harlequin

0373210264 (ISBN13: 9780373210268)
edition language
original title
The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1)
My Review:
 I originally saw this book on my Nook and thought to myself this seems like a plot I could really get into.  I had sworn off vampires and werewolves, and was looking for something to grasp my attention. The Goddess Test did just that; I fell in love with the book. I loved how kind Kate was; how she went out of her way to help someone she hated.
 The plot was a little confusing at times (jumping ahead several months), however it did not district readers away from the story. The slow building of the love between Henry and Kate was a plus. You could really see how they grew to love each other. I loved all the characters, especially Henry. It was interesting to see him open up to Kate more and more on a deeper level.

 Aimee Carter has created a story that a reader can get lost in. I cannot wait for the sequel.

My Rating: 4.5

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